With these templates you can cancel most insurance policies

The decision has been made: You want to cancel your insurance! And you know that this can be done by letter or electronically. But you can’t think of the right words? No problem. Simply cancel the insurance with a template. The KlarMacher have a few copies of the most common reasons for terminating your insurance for you.

Cancelling insurance – here are the templates

Getting out of an insurance contract is relatively easy. Nevertheless, many people find it difficult. To make the process easier, the following are examples of the three most common reasons for terminating an insurance policy:

  • Form: Ordinary termination at the end of the insurance period
  • Form: Extraordinary notice of termination following a claim
  • Form: Extraordinary termination due to an announced premium increase

The following points must be observed when terminating the contract

It’s really simple: you only need to write a notice of termination and send it to the insurance company. Done.

This requires neither a special design nor extensive explanations. For contracts concluded since October 2016, the so-called text form is sufficient. In contrast to the written form, not even your signature is required.

Written form and text form – that is the difference

Most insurance policies can be cancelled in text form today. Either as a letter, email, SMS or even a whatsapp message. The cancellation is valid without your signature. It must only be legible. In the past this was often more strictly regulated. For contracts concluded up to 30 September 2016, insurance companies were allowed to require a written notice of termination – including your signature. This was only possible by letter or fax. Caution: For these older contracts – if agreed in them – termination in writing is still valid.

Nevertheless, there are some things to consider when terminating your insurance. Therefore, here are a few basic tips and hints.

The insurance company must know exactly who is behind the termination. So identify yourself clearly:

  • Give your name, address and policy number.
  • Provide your vehicle registration number (only for car insurance).
  • If you cancel by e-mail, your e-mail address should be registered with the insurance company.
  • If you cancel by SMS, your mobile phone number should be deposited with the insurance company.

It is best to send a notice of termination by post as a registered letter with advice of receipt, so that you can prove the delivery in case of doubt. For the same reason, you should save any e-mails or SMS messages you send. You can request a confirmation of receipt from the insurance company for messages sent electronically. And: inform yourself about the different cancellation periods. If your cancellation is received too late, the insurance contract may be automatically extended.

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