Lottery against stockings: Where do the mosquitoes cause delight?

With a bang all balls fall into the lottery wheel at the same time. They dance merrily in a jumble until a metal arm takes hold and moves one of the balls towards the exit. That’s how they are found, the lucky numbers in the 6 out of 49 lottery. More than 20 million German citizens play, about seven million of them regularly. But what do they gain from putting their euros into a super mini chance to win millions? Isn’t it wiser to simply put the money aside? The KlarMacher ask for a direct duel.

Prize: Where can you get the most money for your money?

When it comes to value for money, nothing and nobody can compete with the lottery. A single tip for the classic Lotto 6aus49 costs just one euro plus processing fee. And that can be enough. Around 35 million euros can be won when the jackpot is full to bursting.

And what do you have in your pocket when saving for a euro bet? One euro! Plus interest, even if it’s anything but lavish these days. At least the compound interest is increasing the sum bit by bit. But saving a 35 million euro lottery jackpot yourself? That takes a little patience. If you put one euro aside every day, it takes almost 100 years to get the sum together.

No one has ever invested wiser than a lottery millionaire. The gamble takes the lead: 1-0.

Security: Where is a plus in the bottom line?

Depending on how much you win in the lottery, the money is either given immediately at the nearest collection point or (for larger sums) after a few days by bank transfer to your account. But what is it called in Formula 1? “To finish first, you have to finish first.”

It’s the same with gambling: The lottery money comes fast – when it comes. But with 75 of 76 tips, you won’t even reach the smallest possible prize of five euros for two correct numbers plus a super number. Paid at least one euro in vain for 75 weeks? Instead, if you had put it into your money sock, you would have had the sum for an upscale dinner by now.

Want more numbers? Mathematically speaking, your chance of hitting the jackpot is 1:140 million. In other words, you would have to give 140 million tips to cover all possible number combinations. It is more likely to be struck by lightning (1:3 million). Or to win an Olympic gold medal (1:662,000). Or that you will have less money than before when playing the lottery (as good as certain).

Lotto is more of an expensive hobby than a wise investment. The savings stocking balances out at 1:1.

Suspense: How much thrill is there on top?

Some lottery players place their bets by standing order and then don’t follow them up. They don’t even notice the small winnings and don’t pick them up – they wait for the big luck. But if you want to be part of the action, you can follow the draw live on the Internet. The first number is on your lottery ticket? The second one too? Surely it’s not …? Or is the jackpot dream already over after the first ball? But maybe there’s a five ball in it… or a four ball… or a three ball…

And the savers? Can calculate for themselves how much has accumulated by when. This reliability is a nice feeling – but as exciting as watching the wall paint dry.

The lottery draw is a “crime scene”, the view of the savings balance rather an image disturbance. Another lottery draw: 2:1.

The savings stocking that also brings interest

Make more of your money. Literally. With an investment at the Hanseatic Bank you collect the necessary change for larger wishes. Even without a lottery.

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“What if…?” Is there anything that sparks our imagination faster than the dream of winning the lottery? What do we think of… Being your own boss. A cottage in the country or a penthouse in New York. A cruise around the world. And the private concert of star pianist Lang Lang. With your stake, you can buy a license to dream.

But lottery players do not dream alone. Savers are also driven by the desire to be able to afford something special. And often their dreams are the same. Their own business. Never pay rent again. A great journey. The difference: the savers are working on their dream. And they can fulfill their dreams often enough.

No dreams, no lottery, but no saving either. Point for both. New score: 3-2.

Young man in hammock looking at the sea under a palm tree

Danger of addiction: Where do you keep control?

If you want to save money, you can overdo it. Extremely savers never eat in restaurants. Maybe dilute the milk with water. Put a brick in the cistern to save water.

But it’s all harmless for a gambling problem. In the lottery, the risk of addiction is considered comparatively low. Because outright gamblers need the immediate attraction. That is why they prefer to bet on horses or sit obsessively at the machine. Nevertheless, even with the lottery, some people lose control. For example, when they want to force the win with more and more lottery tickets. Believes in a certain system. Has to borrow money to make up for the losses. Help is available in this case from the Federal Centre for Health Education on the toll-free number 0800 1 37 27 00.

If lotto becomes an addiction, there is more to lose than just the stake. A clear hit for saving money to the 3:3 final score.

Conclusion: Small thrills or small steps?

As long as everything stays within the limits and there is no addiction in the game, you have the free decision. Do you want and can you afford the little thrill of playing the lottery? Then you pay with your stake for the super-mini-mini and even smaller chance to win big. And for the dream “What if …?”.

But if you really want to fulfill a bigger wish one day, the stocking is the better choice. The path may be more tedious and long – but it is guaranteed to lead to the goal.

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