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100% buy the pass, make sure you choose the smart card as well 1. reply. on a lost ticket form. Go North West . 28 day and longer tickets . Sheffield Guide: Public Transport Stagecoach Bus or Arriva? Receipt given when purchasing a get me there product must be kept as proof of purchase. Simply top up your Pop PAYG card and use it to pay for your journeys as you make them. Simply visit the Stagecoach category on their website and click to register your card. For example, if you keep your card in a wallet or purse, remove it before you touch-in and touch-out. If you need a new 28 day ticket these can be loaded onto your card from Ticket machines in most of our Interchanges. Set your location for accurate results. Students can buy a Unirider on the Stagecoach website. Visit the Stagecoach website to find out more about where you can use your card. Visit the key website. A get me there card or other compatible smart card required including StagecoachSmart. The cards can be used wherever you see the sign. The two cards work in exactly the same way – they just look different. Travel easily using your phone as the ticket – direct coaches between London and Oxford up to every 10 minutes. Using your Smartcard How do I use my … For those not in the sixth form, ID cards are available free of charge from Stagecoach. We’ll continue to keep you updated as we make decisions. The Buzz card is valid on all bus services run by Britannia Bus, Centrebus, Stagecoach, Uno, The Village Hopper and Z&S Transport. Children aged under five travel for free when accompanied by an adult. Adult Student 18 and Under Under 16. Season Ticket If you travel on Metro regularly you can save money with our season tickets. Once you have your card you can top up on the bus. Sale. However this requires students to also carry an ID card. Alternatively, visit one of our travel shops. The smart card is loaded up with your ticket and becomes active the first time you use it. Travel on ALL Oxford Bus, Thames Travel and Stagecoach bus services within the SmartZone area - it's the smart way to travel! You can still buy paper Getting About tickets too. Use our Ticket Finder to find the right ticket for your journey - just select where you want to travel and either Daily, 7 Day or 28 Day on the Ticket Finder duration tab … What about under-16s? StagecoachSmart – Register, Reload, Reuse! Use it before it's gone. Stagecoach services not included. Find out more. Annual Uniriders are also available. Buy tickets for bus travel, learn about the most popular Stagecoach tickets and find out the price of your journey. What about under-5s? For those not in the sixth form, ID cards are available free of charge from Stagecoach. The Group has its own smart ticketing scheme called StagecoachSmart which allows customers to store their travel electronically on a smartcard. These are some of our own personal favourites that can be easily navigated with the GrassHOPPER Smart Card. Stagecoach Student Tram Only 7 Day Megarider (available from the University of Sheffield box office) £13.50: Above tickets are available to purchase on the bus with a valid UoS, SHU, TOTUM or ISIC ID card. We work with Stagecoach bus company to provide discounted bus travel for staff and students. It’s no longer a difficult thing to place your order at the items you want at lower prices. Unfortunately it is not possible to refund any unused travel loaded on to a card so please keep it safe. We have also launched MetroSmart, the smart ticketing website, where you can register your MetroCard or Walrus and add a range of adult Solo tickets. To find out more please click on your zone below. Bus passes will not be available from the Students' Union this year due to COVID-19. I was told that they would sort it out and call me back. It entitles the holder to travel in the event of card reader failure or a bus not being equipped with a card reading facility. If you’d like to update your photo them please refer to the “How do I upload a photo for my Student Card” Section. Your ticket is loaded onto your Pop card. The first pilot scheme was launched among a selection of season ticket holders at South West Trains, the country's biggest commuter rail franchise, in November 2008. Smart Travel with Explore Dundee & Stagecoach Stagecoach Group was the first train operator in the UK to introduce a smart card for customers on the national rail network. Your card will not be active until it is registered. Stagecoach is committed to delivering greater convenience for its bus and rail customers through the delivery of smart ticketing options. You can use your smart card to purchase tickets on either bus or rail and we are working hard on the technical integration to make these interoperable, so you will only need one card. We have recently moved over to smart card tickets for staff, which are similar to the student Unirider tickets. Full details about use of your card are provided with a leaflet available when you buy one. Under 19s can buy an U19 Dayrider on the bus for £2.60. You can purchase a SmartZone pass by topping-up your key smartcard. To see the boundaries for the scheme click onto the map link below. KAT Card - Hull Card for young people. Related items. It should be retained for inspection with the required smart card. However this requires students to also carry an ID card. Council tax; Extra financial support for students: discretionary funding; Student bank accounts ; Young Scot card; Was this helpful? Production of cards begins early August. “It will also help us move towards comprehensive and convenient smart-ticketing across the bus network; local rail network and on Metrobus.” While carrying the same branding as the First Bristol, Bath and West bus touch smartcard, bus tickets will not initially be available to be added to the GWR touch card. Staff can purchase a Canterbury Megarider ticket or a South East Megarider ticket. If you have purchased your Stagecoach Smart card for the first time, you will need to register it at the Stagecoach website. You can purchase discounted annual and termly Unirider tickets at The Union (Students’ Union) on your Met Card, by cash, card, as well as online direct through Stagecoach. Adult season tickets. This was 3/2/2016.I phoned lost property and they put me on to the smart card people. Your ticket gives you freedom to get in and around the City as much as you like - for 24 hours, a week, 4 weeks, 13 weeks, any … Where can I use buzz card? This will make sure you’re not charged on a contactless card you didn’t intend to use. More than 350million smart transactions are made each year on Stagecoach’s bus and rail services. 1st year Management student, which accommodation to choose? Other student tickets are available online. For all ages a return between campus and the city is £3.10. So next day I got straight on to the lost ticket section on stagecoach website. Register your StagecoachSmart card before the 16/04/17 to be in with a chance of winning 7 days free travel. Stagecoach Bus discounts is the best choice for you. MORE+. All passes listed are for the 2020-21 academic year or part thereof (i.e. Great for commuters and students who travel often Requires a photo - only you can use it Easy to buy and renew a travel pass Spread the cost with Direct Debit; Child season tickets. View the South Oxfordshire Zone Map (PDF, 271KB) How do you purchase a SmartZone & South Oxfordshire Zone pass? Expires:2 Jan, 2021 Click to Save 40% OFF. Skip to main content. this was the 3/2/2016 I waited and got no call. The Northampton buzz card can be used across Northampton and also in Boughton, Buckton Fields, Grange Park and Moulton. Buy weekly, monthly or annual passes for regular travel on the bus, train or tram. Most students living in town will have bought a Stagecoach bus pass this year, and for those of us whom bought a three-term Get Stagecoach Bus New Year Deals For Student. GrassHOPPER tickets are currently priced for adults and students. Bus & Travel Passes. If you don't have a key card you can sign-up online at The card can only be used on EYMS and Stagecoach buses until 11.59pm. The smart readers on tram stops now accept contactless cards and devices for travel. Stagecoach and Magic Bus Unirider. username2337813 ... Manchester Uni Fallowfield student which bus pass to get? Please move your igo card away from your payment cards, when you use a smart reader. Discounted GrassHOPPER tickets are available for Students. Shopping Aberdeen City. 2.2 : Each Student's place is allocated on a 'first come, first served' basis. The free and official Oxford Tube Mobile Ticket app. Stagecoach has recently launched a new Student Smart Card for regular users. Stagecoach … We know many of you will be looking for information for how lockdown will affect our service. The customer’s Megarider Xtra ticket is stored on their Stagecoach Smart travel card and simply remains valid for travel until the payment is cancelled. You will receive your inactivated smart card within 20 days; The personal identification number (PIN) of your smart card will be sent to you separately. We are working with Stagecoach and ScotRail to promote public transport travel across the newly dedicated public transport corridor on the Forth Road Bridge. Stagecoach Unirider Travelling … Uniriders are available termly or you can save money by purchasing a 2-Term or 3-Term Unirider. Stagecoach has recently launched a new Student Smart Card for regular users. Upon receipt of your online request form, the EPO will process your request and forward it to the smart card supplier. Best Manchester bus pass? The last date you can upload a REPLACEMENT photo is SUNDAY 2nd AUGUST, after that we will use the photo we have on file. Yes No Yes, but. Stagecoach Bus has a stock of a number of quality Tickets & Events items at an attractive price. Visit the Student Information Scotland website for advice on student discounts and discount cards. ENROLLING A NEW STUDENT IN A STAGECOACH ACTIVITY : 2.1 : To apply for a place for a new Student on a Stagecoach Activity, the Parent must agree to these Terms & Conditions and submit an application form online or by post. Working with the Young People’s Parliament (YPP) Hull City Council, Stagecoach and EYMS have agreed to share the cost of discounting a Hull Card for those who have not yet reached their 20th birthday. You will be able to see which tickets are held on your card and when they will expire. Each card has a range of credit or tickets that can be purchased or loaded for travel. put details of lost smart card . Termly or annual student tickets can be purchased through the Go North West app. SmartZone. Coronavirus Update Close. Pay As You Go Pop Pay As You Go (PAYG) is the smart way to pay for public transport in North East England. Bus Passes for travelling to/from accomodation? Manchester has now got its very own version of London’s Oyster Card in the form of a Stagecoach Smart Card. We do not currently register the GrassHOPPER branded cards.

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