TransferWise and Revolut debit cards for travel

TransferWise and Revolut debit cards for travel

If you dream of traveling the world, signing up for a great travel card can make those wishes a reality. Lots of regular travelers utilize the benefits of these cards to save a considerable amount on currency conversions and spending globally. As soon as the cost savings start coming in, you’ll never take a trip without one . If you look around, you will find plenty of travel cards having terrific features for every single kind of traveler. They offer great savings on cash withdrawals, foreign currency exchanges, and transfer charges. With every use, you will save some money that you can utilize during your holiday. These cards can enable you to make even the most exotic holiday programs easy, without the trouble of exchanging your foreign currency. For anyone who enjoys to see the world, such credit cards can help in saving loads of funds and efforts. Here in this article, I will share the details of some great travel cards.

Important features of TransferWise cards

One of the best travel cards is a TransferWise card. You can receive this debit card free of charge after signing up for a TransferWise account. You can also hold any sort of currency in your account; this unique debit card allows you to pay anywhere without needing to spend on currency conversion fees. Then again what if you have to convert currency? TransferWise will offer you mid-market currency exchange rate and conversion charges as low as 0.35%, so you don’t have to stress over it. This card also offers totally free withdrawal of money from an ATM up to GBP 200 in a month.

Essential features of Revolut prepaid debit card

Another great option in this category is a Revolut debit card. Revolut is a widely known name in online banking supplying great offers and cost savings on foreign money transactions. You can spend money in 130 countries and no transaction charge will be charged with this debit card. With this account, you can maintain up to 25 distinct currencies. You can withdraw as much as 200 GBP a month from an ATM for free. Above this amount, they charge a little 2% fee. Revolut is also one of the few banking services that let you purchase and exchange crypto-currencies with their debit card. You can opt for either a Standard or a Premium version of this card, both with their own fees and benefits. The Standard variation is free while the Premium one comes with an annual membership charge of GBP 72. It provides fringe benefits like a higher limit of foreign cash machine withdrawals, the option to transfer crypto-currencies, and no cost medical insurance coverage for international tourists.

The verdict

Choosing a credit card specifically for foreign travel will help in saving you some expenditures. We plan and keep aside money for travel but end up paying a large portion of it on currency exchange and cards transaction fees. These travel cards will allow you avoid those additional fees so you can spend your savings on enjoying your holiday. They have their operations all around the world and are very customer friendly. You can even track and manage your expenses on these debit cards through their mobile apps. However, I found that TransferWise cards will help save you much more money on currency exchange rate and conversion charges than the Revolut Card. But both of these travel cards are trusted by millions of consumers all over the world. After learning this, I’m sure you will never leave your house without a travel card in your pocket again!