HiFX Review: How good is it?

Over the years sending out money to other countries is ending up being easier with the help of innovative technologies. Exactly what’s more tough is finding the ideal service supplier that appropriates for your needs. HiFX or Halewood International Foreign Exchange Limited is one such company that is widely known for its impressive service since late 90s. Its a UK-based organization that serves more than 142 global currencies. Their parent company is the Euronet Group which is an extremely reputable financial group. This HiFX evaluation post will help you to understand its services much better and assist you to discover the ideal service provider for your requirements.

HiFX Review: How good is it?

Get started with HiFX

Since HiFX is an online fund transfer company, all transactions go through an online account only. You can create your account by submitting your details and a copy of your ID for your account’s verification. This document is required to verify your account in order to ensure a safe and smooth transaction. When your account is verified, you can make your transfer anytime you wish. First, log on to your account and choose the transaction type. You’ll need to fill in the amount you are going to send and also the amount of currency that will be received. Then submit the details of the person sending the payment and the one who will be receiving it. Make sure you recheck every detail before submitting the transfer request. If everything is fine, make payments by any of their payment methods. The fund immediately starts to move, reaching its destination in 1-2 days.

Can HiFX be Trusted?

HiFX has a successful history of 20 years serving customers who completely trust them. They have a stunning score of 9.5 out of 10 on Trustpilot. Since they are regulated by FCA, they have to adhere to their regulations. In order to prevent any danger to their customers’ money, they require the company to keep it separate from the HiFX’s money. Every year they provide financial solutions to over 6000 businesses and transfer billions of dollars. They manage and satisfy over hundred thousands customer around the world every year. In order to protect the privacy of their customers, they use world-class technology on their website. Being in the business for the last 20 years while maintaining great customer relations has made HiFX a trustworthy organization.

Charges for a transfer with HiFX

HiFX ensures that you pay minimum while transferring your money. They charge no money for transfers and offer very impressive exchange rates. Even then, there may be some additional costs involved. Credit card users will have to pay an applicable transaction fee. Also, some banks charge money to receive payments. But you can easily get rid of these costs by paying directly from your bank account and selecting a bank where you don’t have to pay any money for receiving payments. Then your entire transaction will be absolutely free. You can imagine how much money you can save yearly without fees.

How is HiFX Better?

  • They can handle fund transfers with 170 countries in 142 currencies.
  • They offer fast fund transfers that usually take only one day (but may take up to 4 days in some cases).
  • Over the years they have consistently received great customer reviews.
  • Every customer’s issues are handled by a qualified team of customer support specialists.
  • You can easily pay for your transfer with a credit card, debit card, or bank account.
  • Customers are provided with updates of their transfer via SMS or email.

How is HiFX Better?

The Flaws I Observed in HiFX

I observed plenty of factors which puts HiFX far ahead of others in its category. But I couldn’t help but notice some factors which may put it in a slightly disadvantageous position when it is compared to others. While HiFX offers very competitive exchange rates, they are still not the best in the business. You can easily find a service which provides better exchange rates for the same types of transactions. In addition, they don’t have a mobile app for their services so all of their services have to be accessed through their web page. Mobile apps usually offer convenient money transfer solutions to their customers whenever they want. Many companies also offer cash pick up facility to offer convenience to their customers. All funds are sent only to the bank accounts, and they don’t have any physical locations. This makes it inconvenient for people who may not have a bank account. HiFX also doesn’t support sending money to a credit or debit card.

My conclusion on HiFX

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call HiFX one of the best services I have come across. They offer everything a customer looks for in a service provider. It saves you time, money, and is very user-friendly. Their services are very prompt and you can count on them that your payment will be delivered by the promised time. Also, the fact that they are part of a large and trusted group fills you with a sense of trust when you hand over your money to them. If I had to sum up in just one word, I would call HiFX wonderful.”