3 simple ways to earn more money

3 simple ways to earn more money

Did you ask yourself how to earn extra cash in your spare time? The great news is that you can also earn extra money without leaving your home. Here are three simple ways to earn more money:

Track daily expenses

You need to stick to a budget if you want to save money. In most cases, we don’t know where we spend our money. You should take control of your finances. The first step is to track daily expenses. You can use a notebook and record expenses every day. Plan your budget but be realistic. If you were spending $1000 per month, don’t expect to spend only $200 now.

An expense tracker application is a better option than a spending diary. This application can save your time.

Make money buying and selling

I am sure you have possessions you don’t use anymore. Try to find them. You can earn extra money if you sell them. Some of the things you can sell:

  • Used books – your old used books from school or college or books you don’t read anymore. Clear out your collection.
  • Sale used furniture (your couch, chairs, tables, etc.) It is better to sell it locally because of shipping fees.
  • Old magazines
  • Clothes you don’t wear anymore
  • Jewelry
  • Electronics
  • Auto parts
  • Antiques

How to earn extra cash when you buy things? Buy cheap useful things and resell them for more than you paid for them. Thanks to the Internet we can easily sell things online. Here are some of the places you can sell things online: Amazon, eBay, Sell.com, eBluejay, Preloved, Addoway, eBid, etc. You can also sell them in person.

Why should you choose buy-and-sell enterprise to earn more money?

  • It is flexible.
  • When you sell things, you don’t need to invest money.
  • There is a minimal investment when you buy things.
  • You can work from home.
  • There is no financial risk.

How to earn extra cash at work?

Did you know how to earn extra cash without selling things such as used book or used furniture?

  1. Find a better-paid job or do overtime.
  2. You can also request a pay rise. Tell your chef why you deserve the increase, but be realistic. Compare salaries for your position.
    Here are the tips how you can perform better at work, and get better chance of getting a pay rise.

    • Improve your work, and learn new skills.
    • Take extra responsibilities.
    • Write a review of your achievements at work, and give it to your boss.
  3. Consider starting your own business. Find a guide how to get started with the business in the field you choose.

Ideas to earn extra money from home

It is easier to earn more money nowadays thanks to the Internet. A lot of extra jobs we can find online. Here are some ideas to earn extra money from home:

  • Freelancing became popular these days. If you have a talent for programming, design, writing, etc. you can earn extra money. There are many freelance websites: Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr, People per hour, etc. You can post your services on Fiverr and People per hour or bid for jobs on Upwork and Freelancer.

    Don’t forget to improve your profile and create an impressive portfolio. Be convincing when you apply, and someone will give you a job.

  • Create your own blog on WordPress or Blogger. Write about something you are passionate about. Do your best to get more readers. Write unique, quality and visually appealing contents. Remember to write guest posts for popular blogs.
  • Become a tutor. Teach people what you know. You don’t need to be an expert. If you speak foreign languages you can also give private classes.

    You should create a Facebook page. An online presence can help you get more customers.

There are many ways to earn more money, and you need to find the right for you. When you earn extra money, you can go travelling, pay off the debts, save for emergency or retirement fund or just spend it on necessary purchases.