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TransferWise Review

TransferWise was established in 2011 and is a peer to peer payment provider.  There are some very strong backers of the company, including Max Levchin (co-founder of Paypal), and Sir Richard Branson (founder of Virgin) who have been very instrumental in helping to disrupt the status quo of the business world.  TransferWise is based in London and supports more than 300 currency routes all over the world. How does the service work? After you register (it is easier to do on a computer compared to a smartphone), next you are required to enter your bank account details and some personal…

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MoneyGram vs. Western Union Comparison

When it comes to our money we all look for the most reliable options. We want to opt for companies which have served its customers for decades and are established as a synonym for quality and trust. When it’s a matter of international money transfer there is no one who isn’t familiar with the names of two giant in this field – Western Union and MoneyGram. Both the companies have served their customers for a very long time and even in this fiercely competitive scenario, they are able to hold their flag like before. The global presence of their cash…

3 simple ways to earn more money

3 simple ways to earn more money

Did you ask yourself how to earn extra cash in your spare time? The great news is that you can also earn extra money without leaving your home. Here are three simple ways to earn more money: Track daily expenses You need to stick to a budget if you want to save money. In most cases, we don’t know where we spend our money. You should take control of your finances. The first step is to track daily expenses. You can use a notebook and record expenses every day. Plan your budget but be realistic. If you were spending $1000…

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CurrencyFair review

Some time ago I was planning to transfer loan from Europe to the US, and I was trying to find suggestions. It turned out there are fairly lots of means to send money abroad, you simply should do enough research to uncover them. I end up attempting CurrencyFair for sending out loan to the US. Their services completely fulfiled my demands as well as charges were actually reasonable. This is how I made a decision to compose this CurrencyFair review. Hope it will be practical. Exactly what is CurrencyFair? When moving money abroad, CurrencyFair is an on-line peer-to-peer money exchange…

GBP rate forecast

Forecast For The Next Two Days In Sterling Exchange Rates

During the overnight hours this evening, Chinese economic information is slated to come forth, something which tends to effect Antipodean currency types, including New Zealand and Australian Dollars, primarily because each nation relies heavily on exports headed to China, thus a decline in China’s economic fortunes can have a nearly-immediate impact. During tomorrow’s evening hours, we should have news capable of effecting anyone interested in exchange rates of New Zealand’s Dollars, and that country’s interest rate decision should come at roughly 22:00 pm in the UK, with the RBNZ press conference to come quickly afterwards. While adjustments in New Zealand’s…

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The Sterling Pound Weakens

Sterling exchange rates have taken another hit today. It broke through the range that it has been stuck in for the last month. The GBP/EUR exchange rates are nearing the lowest levels they have ever been at since November 8th, when the elections in the U.S. concluded. If you sell currency to buy Pounds, then this may be the time to do it. If you’re looking to buy foreign currency sometime in the future, then you will probably be a bit concerned. This is because of the level of resistance being shown. The markets have listened to David Broadbent, who…

UK General Elections

Sterling Price Drops following UK Hung Parliament

At 10 pm last night, the Pound took a major hit as exit polls pointed to a hung Parliament. Buying rates for the Euro and Dollar fell by over two cents, and Theresa May’s gamble hasn’t paid off well at all. Fortunately, the losses for Euro and Dollar buyers haven’t continued, and they seem to have leveled out considerably. While that’s great news, there’s no reason to suspect that this is the end. All of the recorded losses occurred prior to European markets being open to trade on the news, which means there might be more to come as mid-morning…

Inflation Grows

Is The Pound Going To Continue Its Selloff Past Recent Gains Due To Inflation Fears?

While unemployment is down in the UK and at a level not seen in 42 years, average wages aren’t doing so hot when matched up against inflation. That is a problem for workers in the UK that are trying to find affordable living in the country’s economic climate. The pound has also been sold off as of late, and this is a result stemming from the news about inflation outpacing wages. Any news like that is going to impact the market, and the economics behind the message is very clear. Since there is an election taking place, the normal approach…

Teresa May called general elecitons

As Theresa May Bids for a Way to Sideline Conservative Brexiteers the Pound Jumps

On the day that British Prime Minister Theresa May called for a snap election, the pound was the highest performing currency in the world.  The announcement for the election was unexpected. May said over and over that she was not looking to make any big moves even though her party made a huge lead in all the polls. It appears, though, that the government feels there will be a big victory in the election that will strengthen the UKs negotiations in the Brexit movement.  According to May, the election has to take place before the European Union takes its own…

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Pound Rate Gained Boost Against Euro And Dollar

Heading into the weekend, buying US Dollar, Euro and the Australian Dollar exchange rates received a boost. This appears to be a reaction of Article 50 being triggered. Let’s not forget to mention that the European response probably affected the rates, too. People who follow this site probably know that when Article 50 was triggered last Wednesday didn’t really overwhelm the currency markets. A good example of this is the Pound to Euro exchange rates. Those rates were pretty slow throughout the day, which one may not have expected because there has been talks about triggering Article 50 for months….